Open a New Window

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When I was in high school, one of the musicals we performed was Mame. The play and musical are based on the story of Patrick Dennis’ eccentric aunt who must raise her nephew after his parents die. One of the songs that explains Mame’s philosophy of life is called Open a New Window. The song encourages Patrick, and each of us, to try something new every day of our lives. I have taken these words to heart and will often take on new projects, teach myself new crafts, or go on an adventurous vacation because it’s different.

A couple of years ago, I went to Arizona to view the Grand Canyon. Seeing this natural wonder of the world was fantastic. But that wasn’t the best part of the trip, as thousands of people regularly travel to Arizona for a view of the canyon. I also went on an off-road tour. Our jeep was never more than 2 miles from civilization. And yet, it felt like we were in a wilderness.

Last Spring I attended my first Star Wars Celebration where nearly 100,000 people gathered to experience an imaginary galaxy filled with thousands of peoples and planets. I have traveled to New York city to watch Broadway shows, operas and walk through the Metropolitan and Guggenheim Museums. But whenever I go to the Big Apple, I always discover something new that wasn’t on my planned list of activities.

I treasure some of these moments more because they get me out of my routine. A few years ago when I traveled to the Holy Land, our tour group spent a day in Old Jerusalem. Our tour guide led us to the Tomb of the Holy Sepulchre and then announced we were on our own for the rest of the day. I spent two hours at the Tower of David, located near the Jaffa Gate of the Old City. Its rooms help recount the 3000 year history of this holy city.

Every day is a new way that the Lord affirms the promises He has made for our lives. God invites us to partake of all that is offered to us on our journey through life. May we embrace each day with wonder, with excitement and with the knowledge that God is with us. For our Lord is making all things new. And Amen.