Alphabet Soup

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We are drowning in acronyms.  There are too many abbreviations in our language.  I began using them when I was in high school during my training to be a Nurse’s Assistant.  One of my main responsibilities was recording vitals for patients.  Since all medical records were written back then, shorthand codes were a must.  BP was blood pressure, HR was heart rate or pulse.  SOB was shortness of breath.  When I rotated through the Emergency Room, I learned about CVAs (Cerebral Vascular Accident or strokes), MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) and GSW (Gun Shot Wound).  Later I learned about the APGAR and the PKU tests which are performed on newborns.

And that has begun a journey of abbreviations and codes which describe our lives.  Texting has added so many more of these to our language.  LOL, YOLO, JK, and IDK are just a few of the many texts my son and I exchange.  The other day, I had to look up FTW (for the win). 

The same is true for the how we talk about our Lord and Savior.  Sometimes we refer to the two sections of the Bible as the OT or NT.  IHS, which is a monogram of Christ’s name has also been interpreted as In His Service.  Several years ago, we adorned bracelets which had the acronym: WWJD. And the text OMG is a common commentary between myself and my son.

Many of our agencies are only known by their letters.  UMCOR, GBHEM, and even UMC are among the acronyms we share with one another.  In the secular world there are phrases like SSA, CPS, and DHS.

Whenever we use acronyms, we unintentionally exclude persons who aren’t part of the inner circle.  I encourage us to be intentional about describing and defining who we are and what we are about in our Christian walk by using all the words.  Let us reflect upon how we can engage and communicate with one another in new ways that embrace our relationship with God.  And Amen.