An Opportunity for Mission in the Midwest District

The Native American Elders Program (NAEP) is one of the District Missions that was part of the Grand Rapids Metropolitan Ministry. NAEP provides lunch, health and education screenings and information for Native American older adults living in the Grand Rapids area. The District continues to support this vital ministry. Your church is being asked to help support NAEP in our area by making hats and mittens for those who participate in the lunches, as this year’s Winter season approaches. The District office will be collecting the hats and mittens at Christmas time. Please contact Liz to arrange a time to drop off your hats and/or mittens 616.459.4503.

Thank you for all that you do through a ministry that provides prayer shawls, lap blankets, hats, mittens and other crocheted and knitted products for persons in need.

God’s blessings,



Rev. Dr. Margie Crawford
Midwest District Superintendent

A big thank you to DS Margie, MW District Lay Leader, Deb Hodges, Georgetown, Wyoming Park, White Cloud, Wesley Park and Leighton UMCs for the awesome donations of hand knit hats, mittens and scarves!.  NAEP Program Director, Rhonda is seen posing with the loot! 

NAEP, hats