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This week’s Corner is a point of personal privilege.  Last Thursday evening, my family gathered, via Zoom for a Gender Reveal Party.  My niece Brittany and her husband Odera are expecting their first.  After greeting one another, the excitement began.

There were three games for the reveal.  The first game was to guess, from Brittany’s symptoms, whether she’s having a boy or girl.  The categories included morning sickness, cravings, emotions, cold feet, balance, baby’s heart rate, skin texture, carrying, headaches and which side mom sleeps on.  The answers we provided were both funny and insightful.  Most of us knew that girls tend to create morning sickness and Brittany had this.  She also had salty cravings, which was credited to boys.  Both Brittany and Odera said she was more moody than usual, which is an indication for girls.  And she has noticed that her feet have been colder since she found out she was pregnant….consistent with having a boy. 

Brittany stated that she is clumsier now than before, and though her mother is often klutzy, which was affirmed by just about all of Brittany’s family, we allowed Brittany to have that one.  If the baby’s heart rate is < 140 it’s a boy and the Ultrasound revealed that the baby’s heart rate is.  Brittany’s skin has been very soft these days, suggesting a girl.  She is carrying low, which means it’s a boy.  She sleeps on her left side and has had more headaches than usual.  Which also suggest a boy.  So if you have been keeping track, there are 4 out of 10 Old Wives Tales for a girl and six for a boy.

For the second game, we had to name whether we were Team Girl or Team Boy.  One of Odera’s aunts said they were having twins, which caused all of us to laugh. My niece quickly denied this.  Team Girl won by a couple of votes. 

The third and final game was Tic Tac Toe a pink circle representing a girl and a blue“x” for a boy.  Starting at the middle, both grandmoms-to-be called out an “x” until the gender was revealed.

We are looking forward to the birth of the next baby in our family and can’t wait until we meet them.  Both parents are excited and happy, as are the rest of us. 

Gender Reveals have become the norm.  We can’t wait for the future to unfold in its own time.  I understand that knowing now allows expectant parents to focus on one set of names, choose the colors for the nursery, and begin buying baby clothes.  Still some of the wonder and excitement about this baby is now different.

Our journey with our Lord and Savior is not unlike that.  We want to know the exact date and time of our Lord’s return.  Instead of living for today, we are focused on tomorrow and what it will mean to see our Savior once again.  Matthew 24:36-37 encourages us to be watchful.  These verses are followed by Matthew 25 which offer us three ways we can live in the present, continuing our Lord’s work. May we embrace what it means to be our Lord’s servants today and every day, as we look forward to His return.  And Amen.   

If you want to know the gender, please follow this link.


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