Praying Without Ceasing

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I come from a family of ministers.  My aunt was the equivalent of the Associate Pastor at the church she served.  She led Wednesday night prayer services.  Her husband, my Uncle Harry would often lift up the prayers each time we gathered.  He was a true prayer warrior.  Often, he would pray for 45 minutes to an hour during each service. 

I can’t remember if my uncle prayed during the Sunday services or programs, or if Wednesday was his special day.  But on that night, he brought the whole world into his prayers with God, celebrating what was joyous and speaking openly about what was a struggle for those who came that night, and those who were unable to make it.

My aunt and I often talked about the importance of prayer.  She taught me how to take moments in my daily routine and pray for the people I saw as I went from place to place.  Whenever I heard a siren or saw an ambulance, fire truck or police car, I would pray for those rushing to a scene, as well as those they were going to help. 

As an audiologist, I worked in several hospitals.  When I saw patients to test their hearing or do neurological assessments, I would pray for them and their families.  I often prayed for the physicians, nurses, orderlies and technicians who cared for the patients. 

By the time I answered God’s call, my prayers had become an integral part of each day.  I am in constant conversation with our Lord about what is happening in our lives and in our world.  My prayers begin when I wake up and continue throughout the day.  I pray for big things and small things.  I pray for family, for friends and for those I haven’t met or haven’t met yet. 

I pray for peace, for joy, and for comfort. I ask for strength, wisdom and patience. Sometimes I am angry when I reach out to God, and at other times I am tired.  I ask for my spirit to be filled and my soul to be refreshed.  I lift up prayers of thanksgiving, grace and mercy.  I sometimes share the words of songs that express what I want to say. The Lord’s Prayer is a frequent prayer. 

When I first heard Day by Day from the musical Godspell, it became a constant reminder of how to pray for a deeper and closer relationship with our Lord.  “To see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly, day by day.”

I can’t say how often my prayers are answered because I have never kept count.  I know the Lord hears me because my life is still transforming.  I am blessed and my cup overflows with God’s love, and God’s presence. I hope that you spend time in prayer with our Lord each day, sharing all that you are and all that you are experiencing with the one who created us and loves us so much.  And Amen.

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