Getting in Shape

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There are traditions during this time of year that make this very special season even better. Beginning with Thanksgiving, we eat some of our favorite foods that we save for this time of year.  My mother never made dressing between December and October.  Sweet potato pies were usually served in November, but rarely at Christmas.

And although I have since lost a craving for Egg Nog, I rarely see it on store shelves, even now. There are also delicacies which are only offered during the Holiday season.  They are, of course, high in calories and low in nutrition.  Snickerdoodles, Costco Cinnamon pull aparts and a Swedish tea roll are on my list. Along with a cup of Ghiradellli hot chocolate. Is it any wonder that most of us put on a few pounds during this time of year?

I don’t know if fitness and diet commercials increase during this time of year, or if I just notice them more.  There are numerous diet options and equipment to choose from, especially with special Christmas discounts. As much as these companies encourage us to get in shape physically, I ask if we are doing the same for our spiritual health.

Has the pandemic caused us to neglect some of our daily or weekly spiritual habits, because we are not connecting with those we serve as often as we did before?  I know that most of us are unable to go to the hospital and sit with those who require surgery or care.  In person Bible or topical studies may have started, stopped, and started again as positivity rates continue to change.

Missions that were once our passion, have had to be set aside and placed on hold.  Some ways of connecting just aren’t possible right now.  This unanticipated and unforeseen break has also caused some people to realize that when we are able to continue to answer God’s call, they have no reserves left to return to what mattered or begin a new passion.

Many of us may have paused or stopped the ways we care for our spiritual selves. We haven’t read the Bible in days or weeks.  We may no longer sing together on Sunday, and now we fail to sing the songs which inspire us throughout the rest of the week.  Praying may no longer be second nature.  We have gotten out of the rhythm of what we do to deepen our relationship with our Lord. 

There are numerous resources available for each of us to learn how to care for the spiritual aspects of our lives.  Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions, I pray that you will consider exploring and incorporating new ways to improve your spiritual self.  By doing so, we will deepen our ever changing relationship with our Lord and with one another. May God’s blessings be upon all of us as we celebrate the birth of our Savior and prepare for the New Year.  And Amen.