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As I was traveling in the car the other day, I was listening to a comedian who raised a question that has stuck with me.  In his Correct Angles set, Vir Das began talking about selfies.  He observed that when people took pictures of themselves, they were better than when the camera (phone) was passed to another person.  He went on to explain that we know our best angles and how to capture our good side in any photo.  But when we hand that phone to someone else, they don’t know us as well, and thus the picture they take is different.  It is what Vir said next that caught my attention.  He said that we (humanity) are like that with our Lord.  We don’t understand God’s correct angles and that affects how we perceive our Creator.

I have reflected on the comedian’s words, since then.  I am considering how I speak about who God is and how the Lord is present in our lives. I want to ensure that when I speak about the Lord I am not putting Him in a box built by my limited understanding. Vir Das’ words have inspired me to find new ways to speak of the Lord, broadening the number of angles that I can share as a pastor and child of God.  Maybe that’s why Jesus is known by so many names. 

I realize that our relationship with God is constantly growing and changing.  My understanding of God today is very different than when I first answered God’s call to serve in ministry. I have gained new insights from reading the Holy Scriptures daily.  Different translations have shown me how our Lord speaks to us in many ways bringing new life to ancient words.  I am constantly seeking to discover new ways of seeing God at work in our lives and our souls.

We are all entrusted with sharing what it means to have God in our lives.  Each of us is called to tell how God is shaping us, inspiring us, and transforming us to be the people who are created in His image.  Each person is a disciple of God, invited to share the Good News of our Lord’s salvific acts for our lives. 

I don’t believe it is possible to capture all of God’s angles through Scripture reading, reflections, Bible Studies, or sermons. Our Lord is still a mystery. Today, I have many more questions about God than I have answers.  And yet, each time we share our witness and testimony, we understand our Lord a little more and our relationship with our creator becomes deeper and stronger. 

Our Lord does not have one best angle.  I also don’t believe it is our task, as the created, to define what those angles are.  Rather, we can all describe how we see God, adding to the tapestry of what it means to be His children.  This is the hymn that has come to mind when I think of how we may share our understanding of God.

May it be so.  And Amen.

Note:  Vir Das’ Correct Angles monologue can be found on Youtube.  The language is explicit.