Amazing Grace Shall Always Be My Song of Praise

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I have numerous new ways of completing my chores and running errands these days.  Shopping at the grocery store involves making sure I take a few disinfectant wipes with me, have my mask and arrive early when there are fewer people in the store.  I used to spend part of my Sabbath day at Barnes and Nobles, having a cup of tea and a sandwich while I read a book.  I still go to Barnes and Nobles, just to make a purchase or browse the shelves for the newest releases.  And of course, I am required to wear a mask as I do so.  I no longer sit in the café and read. 

On the occasion that I actually go inside the bank, like the other customers, I am required to stand on squares indicating that I am six feet from the next person.  The tellers were already behind a plexiglass barrier.  Now I see that same barrier at JoAnn Fabrics, and City Barbeque.  I haven’t been to my favorite restaurant since all of this began.  I rely on Grub Hub to deliver my regular order.

With all of that, I think I miss singing the most.  Not all of it.  Whenever I’m in the car, I sing along with whatever song is on the radio.  I’m talking about hymns, spirituals, requiems, and a Hallelujah chorus or two.  I miss the 4- and 6-part harmony that happens at Annual Conference whenever we sing together.  I miss the gift of song which opens and closes worship time and enhances our prayers. I especially miss singing my favorite hymns as well as the new compositions which continue to tell the story of Jesus and His love.   I miss how meaningful it is to sing those songs together, as we praise the Lord, affirm our faith journeys and share how transformative music can be.

I have included a link to one of my favorite songs.

The tune may be familiar.  It is Londondary Air.  The words, written by Dottie Rambo encompass how grace has transformed and is transforming our lives.  Each time I hear it, I remember the first time my sister sang it during a worship service.  I also think of how this became our bus’s song as we journeyed through Israel.  This is not a new song, nor is it the only way we express how amazing God’s grace is.  Still, I sing it during these times of separation to remind me that our Lord is still with us in all ways and at all times.  I look forward to the day when we will gather together and sing this and other songs of joy, praise and affirmation of our faith once again.  And Amen.