Caring for our Health Care Workers

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My oldest niece is doing her residency at The Detroit Medical Center.  As the pandemic arrived in Michigan, she rotated from her specialty to help with patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19.  She shared with me how difficult it was for her and the other residents, physicians and nurses to have the necessary medical supplies they needed to stay safe.  Gowns, gloves and masks were all in short supply.

At that time, I began searching for a way to help her by purchasing some of what she needed online.  Masks were nearly impossible to get.  Each time I checked with Amazon, the estimated arrival date changed from a few days to several weeks.  Gloves were much easier to get, with no wait time.  I was able to send her a case, hoping that it helped a little with what the hospital was facing.

On May 1st, I decided to order masks, because I am curious about how long it would take to receive them.  [I am not requesting that anyone send me masks that are greatly needed elsewhere.] It is now nearly nine weeks later and I have yet to receive the masks I ordered.  Each time I check on the status of the purchase, I am informed that the arrival date is delayed. 

At first, Amazon would offer other dates for the shipment, but that stopped at the end of June.  I’m not sure how long an order will stay open until Amazon asks if I want to cancel it.  Still, I wait.  And if it’s like that for me, I can’t begin to imagine what our doctors, nurses and hospital support staff are experiencing these days.

As our experience with this pandemic has become almost a new routine, I invite us to continue to find ways to support and care for those persons who have dedicated their lives to caring for those who are sick and injured.  As the numbers who have COVID-19 begin to increase once again, let us pray for all dedicated health care workers.  I also invite you to do something special for the doctors, nurses, orderlies, chaplains, janitors, valets and other hospital employees and volunteers in your area.  We can make a difference for those who are caring for us during these times.  And Amen.