We Are Marching in the Light of God

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Here we are again.  Another week has passed.  Are we adjusting to the new normal yet? Are we as eager to be back in our places of worship as those we serve?  Are we tiring of looking into others’ faces and only seeing eyes, as noses and mouths are covered?

These are only a few of the questions that have become part of my life. I have seen the ads which celebrate the days when parades are a part of our lives again.  I have heard from owners of RV campsites who are eager to have families come and visit, because social distancing can easily be maintained.  I have watched news coverage of people crowded on beaches because it’s far better than being cooped up at home.

I have to admit, I want answers.  I grow restless with the conversations that seem to present new data, more questions and few strategies or solutions.  I want to start the new road.  Even as I view this as a time of Jubilee, a way to reinvest in my Sabbath and spiritual life, I am growing restless.  I am hoping I haven’t taken my routine for granted, but I believe I have been stuck in a rut. 

I think I am busier now, because my home has become my office. Work days are longer, time on the computer is greater. Zoom meetings are a blessing. And yet, I miss the interpersonal contact that I took for granted.

I maintain my spiritual practices of prayer and reading Scripture daily.  However, last week, I realized that I don’t sing nearly as much.  Car trips are much shorter, so I’m not listening to or singing along with my favorite operas, musicals or classics by Gladys Knight, The Temptations, ‘N Sync and Beyonce.

That all changes on Sundays.  As I watch worship services, the music always connects me with our Lord in deep and meaningful ways.  Hymns that I have sung for years, along with new tunes that also touch my soul, shape my Sunday mornings.  They also carry me through the week.  They are becoming my new spirituals as we live through these days. 

When we are able to gather again in our worship spaces, lifting our voices together in song may not be possible for a while.  May we create new ways to share how singing connects us with one another and with our Creator God.  And Amen.


Midwest District