Sheltering in Place

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As we enter the first week of the Governor’s order to shelter in place, it is far too easy for us to focus on what we can’t do during this time.  I have never been a cup ½ empty kind of person.  I live by the words of the 23rd Psalm.  My cup overflows. 

I consider this time as Sabbath, maybe even a Jubilee kind of Sabbath, where we may be taking not just a few days, but a few more weeks maintaining a safe physical distance from one another.  I can invest the time away from meeting face to face to being in connection with people through the phone, social media and even by using up some of the stationery I packed away before this move.

I can increase my meditation time each day.  I have the Peloton exercise package.  It comes with a stationary bike, and the ability to access other exercise forums.  I plan to focus more on the Yoga and Meditation exercise offerings, spending time relaxing each day.

In speaking with my son, who lives in New York City and is about a week ahead of us in terms of self protection, he has taken full advantage of Prime Video, Netflix and Disney Plus.  He now has the time to binge watch some of his favorite shows.  His film library has grown, and we exchange reviews on movies we have discovered for one another. I also learned that YouTube is releasing concerts for free viewing online.

Last evening, as I was channel surfing, I saw a great challenge for tennis players who are unable to play at present. It was a hot potato contest with a roll of toilet paper.  Some were able to hop it off their feet 15 to 20 times.  Others used their rackets.  Maybe that’s an activity we can train our children to do.  Please be sure to remove any fragile or breakable items in the play space. 

I have a very active dog.  In keeping the Governor’s order, he too is spending more time at home rather than playing with friends.  We are working on mini-agility exercises to keep him engaged and busy. 

I am also catching up on my reading.  I still read the Bible each day.   I have also picked up a few e-books as well.  Throughout the day, I try to rotate through a few of these options as I continue the work of Superintendency.  I take the time to pray for each of us, our families and our faith communities. I am hoping that there are Bible studies for you to participate in.  Or as you crochet, knit or quilt from home, that you are able to take pictures of what you have created to share with one another.

Please be in an attitude of counting your blessings during this time. “Reach out, reach out and touch someone.  Call up someone and just say hi.” (Bell telephone ad, circa 1970s) Be innovative in how we live out what it means to be connectional.  Share how you are living with one another.  Share how you are feeling and be honest.  Being afraid is okay.  Feeling vulnerable is okay.  Being happy, sad, full, empty, bored, frustrated or just so so is okay.  No person is an island.  We are not alone.  May God continue to bless us.  And Amen.