Celebrate Good Times!

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As I have been journeying throughout the District to participate in SPRC meetings and Church Conferences, I rely on music to fill in the silence between destinations.  On Monday, I turned on the Metropolitan Opera radio station, to discover it was the season premier.  There was a different kind of excitement with the opera hosts.  This was the first time in several months that opera was live.  A new production launched the 2019-2020 season.  The opening opera was Porgy and Bess.  The Gershwin composition has not been performed on the Met stage in 30 years.  What made the night special was the buzz around the cast, the choreography, the chorus and the traditional singing of the national anthem to begin the evening.  

Somehow, September is a time for celebration.  For parents (and some children) the new school year brings hope for what may be accomplished between now and next Summer.  If you are into sports, both college and professional football seasons have begun.  Baseball teams are gearing up for the playoffs and the World Series. 

A couple weeks ago, many churches celebrated the start of the Fall season with new Bible studies, discipleship programs, meetings for United Methodist Women’s circles, United Methodist Men’s breakfasts, and the other ways we support our faith communities. All too soon, we forget about the energy and excitement we felt on that first Sunday.  But what would it be like, if every so often, we took another Sunday to celebrate how our relationship with our Lord, and with one another, is constantly being renewed and reborn.  We could share how Scripture came alive for us as we engaged in a Bible Study, or saw the light of God in someone else’s eyes, as they entered church for the first time. Our stories may inspire others to answer God’s call upon their lives; to step out in faith when what we are being asked to do seems impossible.  Our excitement will be impossible to hide and it may also be infectious.  Let’s set aside time to say thank you Lord for touching our lives and celebrate what it means to be a child of God.  And Amen.

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