Creating New Spaces for New Faces

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On Saturday, the Bishop called a special session for clergy in the Michigan Conference to come together for a time of worship, conversation and connection following General Conference, 2019.  I want to thank all those from the District who were able to attend.  There will be more opportunities for us, including Conference lay leaders, to gather again.  I ask and encourage one another to speak respectfully, with grace, compassion and love as we prepare for what’s next for our churches, and our denomination.  

We are now entering the second week of Lent, the time in our Christian calendar which calls us to remember and reflect upon our Lord’s salvific acts for us.  One of the many things I do each year is to take on a new mission.  Matt Witkowski, who serves as the Community Ministries Program Director at Trinity United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids has shared an article, asking each church to consider creating a space for those who are suffering from addiction.  Please prayerfully consider how your faith community can make a difference in the lives of our sisters and brothers who suffer with addiction issues.  Click HERE to read Matt’s article.

Are you wondering if your church is a good place for this sort of mission?  Are you considering how to introduce a new ministry in your community?  Please sign up for one of the Mission Insite training days hosted by the Midwest District on March 30 and April 27.  There is no cost.  You will need a computer and a willingness to explore new ways that the Mission Insite program can be a source for creating new spaces and new faces to fulfill the mission our Lord has placed upon each of our hearts.  Click HERE for more information, including how to register, for either the March 30 or April 27 Mission Insite training events.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.  And Amen.