Midwest District Conference: October 17

The Midwest District Superintendent and the Midwest District Leadership Team encourage you to watch and share the video presentations below.  

Dismantling Racism Town Hall  (streamed on July 1, 2020)

This presentation is a panel discussion offered by UM Communications.  It is one of the Dismantling Racism resources offered by the General United Methodist Church. Rev. Dr. Bobby McClain, Dr. Lisa Dellinger, Ref. Fred Day, III, and Dr. Alison Greene are the presenters.  Erin Hawkins is the moderator who facilitates the discussion around racial issues facing our nation and our denomination today.  Time is dedicated to history which is an integral part of our current perceptions and understanding of racism, along with consideration of how we begin to shape a different future. The Town Hall is the first of two and is approximately 90 minutes in length. Dismantling Racism Town Hall Meeting is HERE


The Single Board Governance Model – Is it for our church? (streamed on July 14, 2020, from the Dover District of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference)

This is an introductory webinar that represents the attributes of the Single Board Governance Model.  Information is presented to help church leaders examine the steps which are to be considered for Single Board Governance, the advantages and disadvantages of the model and the process for transitioning from current Committee governance to the Single Board Model.  The video is approximately 45 minutes in length.  Note:  The beginning of the video contains information specific to the Dover District, which is why the link begins at 5 minutes into the video. Single Board Governance Model from the Dover District of the Pennsylvania-Delaware Conference is HERE


The Midwest District Conference Business Session information and online worship samples are below:

2021 Midwest District Leadership Roster
Midwest District 2021 Budget

Please watch the Midwest District Online Worship Celebration presentation created by Rev. Dean Prentiss.
In the links below are the individual church worship services — from the presentation — shared in their entirety.