Wesley Fellowship at GVSU Update – Lent 2021

For campus ministry, as for parish ministry, Lent will be different this year. If you have college students who would like to have a small Lent “To Go” kit and /or a Lenten Devotional, please have them sign up here and we will gladly send them. 
The devotional is “40 Day Journey with Howard Thurman.”  This journal provides students with the opportunity to become acquainted with the writings of this important African American theologian. We will offer opportunities for students to gather, via Zoom, to discuss their reflections. 
Our Lenten Social Justice calendar with daily Lenten opportunities for prayer and growth will be available on our Facebook and Instagram sites. 
The Gospel of Matthew Bible study continues via YouTube and Zoom. Students are welcome to join at any time.
Thank You for your support, both spiritually and financially!
For more information about the Wesley Fellowship at GVSU, please contact Nancy Janisch.
Nancy Janisch, Director
Wesley Fellowship at GVSU