I Love to Tell the Story

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Sometimes there is wisdom in lessons we’ve been taught from our past. Growing up, although it was created for a younger audience, I would watch episodes of Sesame Street.  In those first few years, there were characters and teaching modules that appeared for a few weeks or months. 

One of my favorites was Roosevelt Franklin, who introduced the beginning middle, and ending of words.  Around the same time, there was a skit that did the same for stories.  I have included a link to the video for the stories in case you are interested in seeing it.

Our lives are shaped by our beginning, middle, and end. We are born, we live and grow and then our Lord calls us home when our work in His name has been accomplished. During a celebration of life, I remember the pastor shared that our Lord sets the beginning and end of our life stories, and we are shaped by the dash which reflects the time in between.

Our Bible is the story of our spiritual lives.  It begins with the book of Genesis and ends with the Revelation of our Lord and Savior.  The story of our relationship with our Lord unfolds in the Scripture between these two books. 

Our journey of faith is complicated, full of peaks and valleys, filled with wondrous and marvelous surprises, and affirmations of whose we are.  We may see ourselves in the people in the Bible, whether we know them by name or not.  Sibling rivalry impacts the first families of the Bible as brothers and sisters contest with one another.  Like us, judges, prophets, and monarchs were sometimes overwhelmed by God’s call.

Being a conquered people changed how our ancient ancestors related to our Lord and to one another.  The Diaspora created new ways for the descendants of Abraham to share their story and their heritage.  The covenants that God shared and shares with us arise from His steadfast love for our lives and our salvation. 

The New Testament continues the story of God’s presence in our lives and our Lord’s dedication to our welfare.  We have not reached the end of our story yet.  Our life journeys, our commitment to fulfilling God’s purpose and mission, and how we live out God’s love for us as we seek to embrace and embody the Great Commandment continues. 

During this season of Lent, we will relive how God chose to become one of us, so that we can know the depth and breadth of His love for us. Which of God’s stories are you sharing? How is your life being shaped and reshaped during this time? May we continue to celebrate how God moves in our lives, as we seek to be His instruments in and for the world.  And Amen.


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