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When I began to consider what I would share in this week’s Corner, I thought about how many of us will gather together in Grand Traverse for the first time in 3 years. And then I saw the news from a small town in Texas that is now the center of another national tragedy. 

During the first newsbreak I watched, the reporter shared that there were 14 children and 1 adult who lost their lives. During the President’s address to the nation, the number of victims had increased to 21. Over the next few days, we will learn more about the shooter and his victims. No one may be able to answer questions like why does this keep happening, or how do we help so many families during their tragic loss?

We grieve with them. We pray for them. As we help the people of Gaylord begin to rebuild their homes and restore their lives, we wonder what we can do for the families of Uvalde, Texas.  It is very painful to say that there has been another school shooting. Too many lives were lost far too quickly. The devastation of this and other school shootings has pierced our hearts once again. Tuesday night was especially painful for parents who were waiting to learn if their children had survived, only to be informed, through DNA testing, that their sons and daughters are among the victims.

May the Lord be with the families of all the children who attend Robb Elementary and especially with those who lost their lives.  And Amen.

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