Give Thanks

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I am a prayer warrior.  I strive to pray without ceasing each day.  From time to time I reflect on the content of my prayers.  I have the sense that sometimes I ask God for a lot.  Whenever I lift up the Lord’s Prayer, I include an internal list of who and what I’m praying for.  Health concerns, new jobs, and even asking for people to find a place to live are often part of my conversations with our Lord.

I also have a conversation about the questions I am wrestling with on any given day.  These are the I wonder moments I have with our Lord.  I try to bring my question to God objectively, restating what happened in open and not judgmental ways.  An example is how do we manage the supply chain shortfall for our food and how did we get here? 

I pray for people, events, hopes, and disappointments.  I pray about where we are in our life journeys and where we want to be as servants of our Living God. I ask for comfort, strength, understanding, grace, and mercy.  I pray for healing, peace, patience, and joy.  I lift up struggles for family, friends, and those I have never met.  I sometimes include myself in these prayers but try to pray for others more than myself.

With all the ways and times, I speak with our Lord, I rarely lift up a prayer of thanks.  It shouldn’t be that way.  I am thankful and grateful for how God has been and continues to shape and mold us, to be with us, and to love us unconditionally.  Tomorrow, many of us will celebrate a holiday of thankfulness.  Let’s make this a regular part of each day, in addition to what we may say and do on Thursday.

I also share with you this song (see YouTube link below), which inspires me to say Thank you God for being in my life. Thank you, God, for your Son and our Savior.  Thank you, God, for your love, now and always.  And Amen.

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