How Can I Help?

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It’s snowing as I write this Corner.  Mid-April and it’s still snowing.  In some ways we have had a very mild winter with few snowfalls over a few inches.  I acknowledge that the 70 degrees of last week was only a promise of what is to come.  And in some ways, this cold spell helps me to feel a little more comfortable with sheltering in place. 

I am developing a new pattern to each day.  Most days include some sort of Zoom meeting.  I am able to see others through my computer screen.  I look forward to conversations on the phone and via email. Terrance and I spend about an hour each week on the phone and texting each other every few days.  I take virtual rides on my Peloton, and have cycled along beaches, forest trails and mountain ranges the world over.  I also walk the dog for a while each day, waving at neighbors while keeping at least 6 feet apart.

We are all creating new paths for our lives.  There are some things I miss.  As I listen to updates about when some restrictions will be lifted, sporting events aren’t even on the list. No NCAA Basketball Championship this year.  And the tennis clay court season has been canceled.  I had planned to attend a fan convention in August.  I’m not sure if it will be postponed or canceled.  So parts of my life are on hold, for now.

I can’t help but think about how many ways we are affected by this virus. As difficult as these days are for me, I know that our high school students are also experiencing disappointment and devastation because there will be no proms and no graduation ceremonies or parties.  When we are able to socially interact again, I am not sure what guidelines we will need to follow.  March and April have traditionally been the time when dress shopping begins, tuxes are rented, and reservations are made for limousines and dinner.  Senior breakfasts and trips to nearby amusement parks are also planned.  I don’t want to get to dark, but none of those things will happen for those graduating in 2020.

In one of my favorite T.V. shows, called New Amsterdam, the main character is the medical director of a hospital.  He has a different way of managing those he works with along with the patients.  He asks one question of others: “How can I help?”  It’s a question I am asking of each of us for our high school seniors.  Can we help make this year’s prom one to remember by creating a virtual dance space?  Can we take advantage of restaurant delivery services and send a special meal to juniors and seniors? Can we go on Pinterest or YouTube and make corsages out of other materials, take a picture of them and send them out to seniors? 

And even if this isn’t a mission you wish to take on, please consider asking yourselves this question: “How can I help?” Our Lord continues to call on each of us during these times to reach out to one another and to support each other.  Please stay in contact with one another and continue to pray for one another.  Know that God is with us.  And Amen.