A Summer Project

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Now that the school year has ended, students all over our country are celebrating that there is no more homework, at least for now.  Growing up, my sister Lynn and I were unique.  At the beginning of Summer, we would go to the local library and check out a book of insects.  Then we would invest a couple of hours identifying which bugs we would try to catch.  Grasshoppers, praying mantises, hornets and of course lightening bugs always made the list.  There were other insects we looked for; but could never find, because the species did not live in Ohio.  

I also remember that my sister and I entered the library’s challenge to read at least 25 books over the Summer.  My oldest sister, who lived in New York City, worked at a publishing company.  She would ship us boxes of books that were somehow rejected by the printers.  So, Lynn and I were usually studying, reading and dreaming about being back in school in the Fall.

That was long before the concept of Continuing Education was invented. As the school year ended, most of my teachers issued challenges about what students could study over the Summer.  Little did we know that we would have to write an essay in the Fall about what we did during our Summer vacation.

So, I have a Summer homework assignment for those who serve in the Midwest District!

What’s happening in your community? 
Can you name one or more community groups that are helping people in your neighborhood?
If you are hosting Vacation Bible School, which Scriptures are being shared? 
Is your church also including an adult version of VBS? 
Are there groups already collecting school supplies and back packs for the next school year? 
Is there a food pantry nearby? 
Can you be part of a sundae Sunday? 
Could you provide water or energy drinks for those who work outside in the heat? 
What else can you do to make a difference in another’s life? 
How can you live out God’s call to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?

There may not be an essay in the Fall about what you did this Summer.  But you can still share a story about what is happening in your churches and in the communities surrounding your places of worship.  

May God be with you on this journey.  And Amen.